August 1st Harvest


We are happy to say that the good earth has produced much for us to eat this week. More cabbage.  I tried a new recipe last week and Greg said, ” You can make this again!” You will find the recipe posted later today.


We also have more green bush beans, lettuce, peppers, basil, and garlic.

New this week is broccoli, which I’m sure needs no introduction.

Aren’t Dave’s photos of the vegetables beautiful!  Look for a link to all his farm photos in the lower right column.

Also new this week are shallots. These small onions have been described as a cross between garlic and sweet red onion. They have a delicate flavor and mince well for sauces and vinaigrettes. Also new this week are tomatoes. Our varieties include Moscovitz, Prudence Purple, Roma, and Cherry. You will get a small amount this week, but more in coming weeks. Swiss chard will be in your share, too. This tasty green leaf produces abundantly like kale, so you will get one or the other every week from now on, so learn to like it ~ it’s good for you!  The chamomile fromlast week is still hanging for those who missed it. This week you will get another herb, yarrow.  The variety we grow is a cultivar and as such doesn’t have much medicinal use, but makes a great dried flower.  Hang it upside down for a week in a dry place and then put it in a vase.  It will keep its color all year. We have a small amount of okra.  As in years past, we will offer it to the weekly harvest family as an option.

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  1. Wow! Just checked out David’s photo gallery and am so amazed! His pictures are beautiful! Keep up the great work! Can’t figure out which picture I want to be my screensaver 🙂

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