CSA Harvest #5: July 11th

Black currants
Black currants

Our 5th harvest features sweet, tart black currants. The bushes are full. We’ll need plenty of pickers!  Fortunately, we’ll have 3 interns as well as those of you who are coming tomorrow.  With all the trading around, I haven’t a clue who to expect anymore!  Black currants make wonderful jam. I also put them in green drinks.  You could use them in place of strawberries in a rhubarb crisp.  We are not giving rhubarb again, but if you need some you can take what you need.

Other items this week are: snap peas, radishes, mesclun lettuce, head lettuce, sorrel, lavender and garlic bulbs.

Lavender can be used to flavor black tea. It can be dried – it will keep it’s color for a while.  It’s fragrance is popular in sachets, potpourris, and personal hygiene products.  A friend of ours, Jennifer Vasich, owns a store in Romeo called Gabriel’s Garden which specializes in lavender products.  I especially like the insect repellent she sells.  She has an online store, too  www.allthingslavender.com.

Weekly fresh garlic bulbs are a special feature of our CSA.  Each share will get 2 bulbs of garlic every week from now until the last harvest.  If you do not have a good garlic press, get one now.  Don’t get a cheap one, because you will use it often.  Fresh squeezed garlic tastes good on so many things.  Try it the next time you make garlic bread: Butter the bread, then spread squeezed garlic on top of each slice, then put all the bread in a warm oven until dinner.  Yummy!

One more thing… the Elder flowers have blossomed.  We are keeping this as an ‘optional’ item. If you have an interest in them, let us know when you pick up your produce.  We’ll walk to the orchard together and cut some.

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