CSA Harvest ~ Sept 19th

Delicata Winter Squash
Delicata Winter Squash

The winter squash is in. It’s a variety called Delicata. We sampled it yesterday, steamed without anything added.  It was sweet and tasty.

The lettuce was not ready last week, but is definitely ready this week. Beautiful heads.

Kale, always one of our bountiful summer staples, was slow to come in.  It looks good this week.

There are many tomatoes. You’ll have enough Roma tomatoes to make tomato sauce. I plan to dehydrate them for use as ‘sun-dried’ tomatoes. Lots of peppers. The hot orange Habenero peppers as well as the sweet red Rounds of Hungary. Plenty of zucchini.  More beets, potatoes and turnips.  There are a few small eggplants and tomatillosBasil and garlic.

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