CSA ~ September 5th

This week will be very similar to last week. Fewer cucumbers, more tomatoes, especially the low-acid yellow striped German.   I’ve made several batches of salsa with them. They’re even ‘meatier’ than the red Roma tomatoes I’ve always used in the past.  No more green beans.  Good kale.  Sweet SunGold cherry tomatoes. Potatoes, peppers, sweet corn.  Zucchini and beets. Garlic and chives.  New this week: scallions and turnips.

Courtney with Schnitzle
Courtney with Schnitzle

Courtney is leaving after nearly 2 weeks.  She’s a good worker, not afraid of a big job.  Strong enough to dig a good hole and plant a tree.  Walked Schnitzle every day. Bonded well with him and wrote a handsome story about his doggie life. Read it in the section about Our Animals.  Thank you Courtney!!

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