Here Comes the Frost!

Julie and Amanda
Julie and Amanda

The first frost of the fall season has come and gone at Three Roods Farm.  Two lovely ladies have been around to experience this and other activities of the season. Julie, 24, from Upstate New York, arrived the beginning of September and plans to stick around into the winter time. Amanda, 23,  from the Land of Oz – Kansas, arrived late September and plans to be around until mid-October. Julie and Amanda have jumped into action on 3RF, taking in the learning opportunities.

What about Three Roods Farm attracted you the most?

Amanda: The description I read on the WWOOF directory about 3RF first attracted me. “If work is defined as something we would prefer not to do, but must do, then there is no work here. We love what we do – and we do what we love!”  This attitude combined with a speedy response from Robin definitely caught my attention.

Julie: After two years of living in a busy college town I was seeking out a quiet, steady lifestyle, and 3RF seemed to offer just that.  I was also  attracted to the alternative avenues of thought, such as homeopathy, biodynamic living, and spiritual awareness, that seemed to be woven into daily life at the farm.

What is a first impression that has changed over your stay?

Amanda: The first hour I arrived was quite awkward. Not knowing anybody previously, it was kind of scary. However, things have definitely changed and now I feel very comfortable, like a member of the family.

Julie: I first thought that the garden was really weedy!  All I could think about doing was getting out into those beds and pulling all those nasty buggers.  But after observing and participating in Greg and Robin’s approach to the garden I learned to ease my ‘weed anxiety’ and looked at the many small plants less as pests and more as dynamic parts of the system.  Why spend hours weeding something that doesn’t really need it?

What is something that you did not expect to be doing that you are doing?

Amanda: Burying humanure.

Julie:  I did not expect that, within my first few days, I would attend a Nirankari worship and receive the blessings of Babaji, Greg and Robin’s spiritual teacher.  I did not expect my enrollment in this crash test of spiritual awareness that I am, unexpectedly, so thankful for.

What do you really think of the composting toilet?

Amanda: Genius…the lovely decorations are quite entertaining, although it is getting kind of chilly out there.

Julie: I’ve used composting toilets elsewhere, but those ones got a lot more traffic.  I’m glad to see that building and maintaining a composting toilet for personal use is so darn easy…and a lot less messy and smelly than I thought!

What is something you know you won’t forget?

Amanda: The tipi dedication ceremony was very memorable. I also will never forget the stockpile of food supplies in the kitchen that remind me of being in a natural foods store. So great!

Julie: I have picked up an armada of tiny little ‘life-skills’ that have nothing to do with getting me a job or pushing me on ahead in the great big world, but are instead improvements on my everyday enjoyment and participation in life.  For example, I now know how to brew crabapple wine, make durable cord out of pretty much anything, better analyze the authority of the medical world (haha), and how to slice and can one million billion tomatoes without loosing my mind.

Amanda (left) and Julie (right) can't hide their enthusiasm for sanding tipi dowels!  Life just doesn't get much better than this.
Amanda (left) and Julie (right) can't hide their enthusiasm for sanding tipi dowels! Life just doesn't get much better than this.


One thought on “Here Comes the Frost!”

  1. So you’ve got another Kansan on the farm now eh?

    Funny synchronicity – there’s a girl around these parts of California named Dorothy.. ran into her the other day on the way to OZ FARMS, another wwoof location near my current residence. Met her at a concert, watching a band called “Tornado Rider”.


    Love you guys, 3RF, and hope the Gojis produce well for you all.

    Be well,


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