Winter in the Tipi

November sunset
November sunset

After some discussion, Greg agreed to my request that we leave the tipi up through the winter. I convinced him that it will get sufficient use to offset the ‘wear and tear’.

Sure enough, 2 young interns appeared who want nothing more than to camp outside through a Michigan winter. Staying in our tipi is an answer to their prayers.  Megan and Sam and I winterized the tipi by laying down lots of rugs on top of the ground cover. We wrapped old t-shirts around small logs and placed them all around the base of the tipi to keep out cold winds.

Last week, Sam’s father installed tubing from the outside of the tipi on the west side, directly into the fire pit.  This will keep oxygen coming into the fire pit, assuring a strong fire.  Sam and his friends brought in several cords of wood.

I brought 11 pounds of sheep fleece to the woolen mill in Frankenmuth and asked them to make a full size mattress for me.  I’m determined to sleep outside in the cold, too.  If I can make it nice enough, I might be able to convince my husband to sleep out there with me and keep me warm.  Meanwhile,  Sam and Megan are definitely the hottest couple in Columbiaville!

2 thoughts on “Winter in the Tipi”

  1. Robin! I’m so glad you got your wish to keep the tipi up all winter! I’m sure it will be well loved. I’m glad that you have some interns there to keep you company. The mattress sounds awesome. What a great way to keep warm. I miss the farm! I miss the barn and the work and always having a hot pot of tea at any time of the day! Please tell Greg that I say hello and I hope that all of his seeds are doing well in their pots! Please tell Deanne that I say hello also. Enjoy your holidays!


  2. Thank you, Julie! The Fiber Friends miss you! Cassie asked about you when we met for Chanukah in the tipi last Monday. (I’ve completed 2 felt purses, with the help of a Fiber Sister.) Make sure you visit Deanne’s website and look at her 2009 year-in-review report. Your photo is there!

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