Yoga classes at 3RF

Satchidananda's Yantra
Satchidananda's Yantra

The first news of 2010 is that Integral Yoga classes are starting up at 3RF.

Robin has been a student of yoga for 40 years and a teacher of yoga since 2001.  Most of her training has been through the Integral Yoga Institute founded by Swami Satchidananda who came to the USA in the late 1960’s and stayed at the request of his students.

A large ashram was built in the 1980’s in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Buckingham County Virginia. The community that has grown up around it is lovingly called Yogaville.  All facets of yoga are taught and practiced at this place.

The classes offered at 3RF are Level I-II suitable for all ages, but especially for those who enjoy gentle stretching, breath work and deep relaxation.

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