3RF in Early Spring.

 Post and photos by Monica Taylor.

Things are just starting to turn green around here on the farm. After five days of on-and-off showers, the sun is finally out and warming up the soil. The garlic planted last fall is peaking out from its straw veneer while sorrel, parsley, and chives thrive in the keyhole garden. However, pesky dandelions and quackgrass bundles are thriving, as well.

Raised beds Day #1:  Interns Megan and Monica begin the tedious weeding process.

Raised beds Day #3: With the aid of Greg’s weeding expertise, all ten beds are cleaned up and turned over, with three rows of peas, two of fava beans, and one row of shallots.

 A close glimpse at the 50 pounds of potatoes drying in the loft after being cut to size.
Pussywillow branches glowing orange with pollen.
Magnolias just barely opening up.

 While many parts of the farm are being covered in compost or freed from the clutches of weeds, some are left to bloom on their own accord. 

As of now, we are anticipating the arrival of more wobbly lambs from three of the ewes, as well as some more sunshine to dry out the muddy earth. The bees seem to be working away, often buzzing around your ears when walking particularly close to their hive.

(Robin suited up and cleaning out the apiary.)

And, last but certainly not least, warmer weather means more pleasant evenings spent around a fire in the tipi! Until then…! 





4 thoughts on “3RF in Early Spring.”

  1. Thanks, Marcus! 🙂 I’m glad you took a peek at the website. I’m really bad when it comes to keeping up with email. I’ll write you guys a letter soon! Give my love to the ‘rents. Miss you lots!

  2. Praise the Lord for Springtime! It is so refreshing and exciting for the all the new possibilities of life.
    Yesterday I discovered something smelling disgusting decomposing on our back porch. I was actually pretty dissappointed to discover the Jerusalem Artichokes that I brought home and failed to plant right away. I think I salvaged about 3 to put in the ground. Good thing they multiply pretty fast.

    I shall have to send you pictures of our chicken coop we’ve been building for the month old chicks we have. I’m definitely anticipating the awesome eggs we shall have to eat in a few 5 months.

    Greg- I also wanted to report that I finally purchased some Muck boots. They are so great and I definitely thought of you as I put mine on yesterday. So worth the price for an excellent pair of boots!

  3. Nice to hear from you, Amanda. I’d love to see photos of your springtime adventures in the soil. What type of chicks did you get?

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