Felines, feathers, and fleecy friends.

Fuzzy on the barn porch.

Post and photos by Monica Taylor.

Probably the newest additions to the Three Roods Farm animal kingdom are the two 6-month-old girls named Fuzzy and Wuzzy. Yes, these grey ladies are unbearably cute, even when you don’t want them to be. Whether it’s weeding in the garden or even trying to fall asleep at night in the barn loft, they’ll be there to paw at your face and claw at your limbs. You can find them darting after each other around the farm, chasing flies, taunting Schnitzel, or just giving your leg a little nudge when you’re not looking.

Megan Romano holding a playful Wuzzy.

These two are quite possibly the most lovable kittens around, and will not hesistate to jump on your shoulder and nuzzle your face at any opportunity they can.

Some familiar faces might include those of the Shetland sheep flock. Hagar, the nine-year-old horned ewe from the original trio, has given birth to her 16th and 17th little ones this Spring. Feeding the sheep in the morning, you are always met with at least 10 pairs of hungry yellow eyes.

Ram, ewes, and lambs all in a line.

 The lambs scuttle away while Ish Kumar, new to the group since last year, butts the metal gate in eager anticipation of his morning meal. They spend their days chomping away at the hay and basking in the sun. And given the chance, they’ll eat a small offering right out of your palm. You will often see the majestic white peahen nesting on her perch towards the ceiling of the sheep barn, sometimes joining the chickens in their yard.

The Black Australorp chickens provide endless benefits to the farm, in addition to constant entertainment. They’ll lay around 2 dozen eggs some days, a few often scattered around the coop and yard.

You can see them waddling about in large and small groups, moving from one patch of shade to another as they peck and scratch away at the dirt. Once the hens spot you approaching their territory, a clucking mass of black, glossy feathers swarms the gate expecting a treat. The rooster can be heard from all over, crooning loudly at any given point in the day.

Ish Kumar peering cautiously at his visitors.
Chickens moseying about in the afternoon shade.

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