A New Farm Season Begins

Monica and Megan weed the raspberry patchWith the help of  happy young volunteers, 2010 is off to a great start. Monica Taylor from Delaware and Megan Romano from our own  Columbiaville spent many hours building garden beds, pulling weeds and planting seedlings this spring.  Here they are weeding the rapsberry patch. 

It wasn’t always like this.  When we started our CSA back in 1995, we needed our CSA members to weed and plant.  Wish I had a few photos of those early days.  Sweat equity went into making this farm what it is today. Robin and Greg in Aug '05

I do have this photo of Greg and me in the summer of 2005 – our 10 year farm anniversary.  We look relaxed in a way we didn’t at the beginning.

We have been WWOOF hosts before it was online and fashionable. We have enjoyed the help and enthusiasm of young people from Japan, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and England as well as the good ol’ USA. Greg and I will never forget the time we spent as volunteers on Israeli kibbutzim in 1971 -1972. That experience continues to inform our actions today. 

Meanwhile, back at Three Roods Farm, we have rows of peas, lettuce, garlic and shallots.  Our potatoes and strawberries are in patches near the orchard. June berries have flowered and set fruit.  Our new members are finding us and we are excited about this year. 2010! It’s a good year!

We are grateful to the interns who have helped us this spring: Sam Wagner, Megan Romano, Steffan Mirsky, Monica Taylor, Kjartan Code, Kylie Baker and Garrison Benson. May their selfless service bring them a shower of blessings.

Monica and Megan.

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