Blooming April!

Post and photos by Monica Taylor.

Of course there’s lots of weeding to be done!

Megan Romano and Schnitzel roaming property.

Making themselves comfortable under the front stairs, these friendly visitors peek out of the bushes now and then.

George taking a break from a hard day’s work.

Intern Kjarton Code visits the munching flock in the pasture.

The sheep shearing begins!

Ruth Hoite holding one the squirming, but adorable, lambs.

Wool wigs are a popular trend with the Three Roods crew. Robin shows off her new curls courtesy of the sheep. 

Monica Taylor enjoying her wool locks at the Flea Market.

3RF booth at the May 9th Columbiavilla Flea Market.

Robin and Megan selling produce in front of Kjarton’s painted banner for the May 8th Wild Lapeer celebration.

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