Wild Strawberries

Wild strawberries

A wet spring produced a plentiful supply of tiny strawberries under our feet, mostly in the pasture. Gary picked this handful near the sheep. Garrison Benson is our full season intern.  He is a recent graduate of Hope College with a degree in Computer Technology which he has put on the back burner while he studies the art and science of organic farming at Three Roods Farm.

Shetlands on pasture. May 2010

The sheep have been on pasture since late April when they were sheared. Our 7 ewes gave birth to 13 lambs. They’re a colorful mix.  All the ewes were sired by a brown ram last fall in an attempt to keep a variety of wool colors in the flock. The previous ram was black.

Jan Pawel II

The new batch of Black Australorps came with this character. McMurray Hatchery always includes 1 ‘exotic chick’ when we order baby chicks. He could be cast as pope, if chickens put on plays. Garrison calls him Jan Pawel. We’re assuming he’s a rooster, but that won’t be clear until we hear him crow.  All the chicks were born in early April and will be fully mature by early October.

Adult chickens forage in the barnyard.

The outdoor hens are laying well. Their eggs are for sale in the cooler of the barn on the honor system. $4/dozen.

Rani, the Peahen

A new addition to Three Roods Farm is Rani, the peahen.  She roams freely on the land and is able to fly up and over the fences. We got her in April ’09 along with Raja the  peacock, but Raja was weak and died.  We brought Rani a handsome new mate this spring, but he flew off, probably to his doom. Too bad.  He had it made in the shade here. Although the blue peacocks are famous for displaying their beautful tail feathers, we’ve seen Rani do it a few times.

3 thoughts on “Wild Strawberries”

  1. Friends! The farm looks great. I also got chickens from Murray McMurray this year and loved my specialty chicken as well. It looked quite similar to yours, I think it was a polish chicken. Due to a few unexpected rodent attacks though, I am left with only two chickens. Sad, but we’ll get more.

    I wanted to tell you I had my very own, first green smoothie of the season a couple of weeks ago. Complete with kale, sour cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and banana. It was great and defitely made me think of my first green smoothie I had there last fall!

    Blessings! Amanda

  2. I really laughed out loud when seeing the picture of “Jan Pawel,” although I remember her/him as being named “Obama” by Greg when she/he was a fumbling chick with a cotton ball hat.

    1. Hi Monica ~ I think of you often and miss you!! Jan Pawel is definitely a rooster. He crows often and is the most aggressive chick in the flock, although he doesn’t hurt anyone.

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