Bicyclists from Oregon coming to 3RF!

A group of 11 people left Portland, Oregon 6 weeks ago on a bike trip across America to Boston, Massachusetts. Their plan is to visit many farms and see whats going in the rural parts of this country. They are biking in support of local foods and ‘food sovereignty’. Eight are recent college grads and the other 3 are a family.

bicyclists ready to begin

What would it be like to bike across America, stopping every night at a friendly farm, eating a home-cooked meal and camping on the farm land? What is farm life really like in the USA these days? These are questions that 11 bicyclists asked themselves as they planned a trip from Portland, Oregon to Boston Massachusetts. To answer these questions, they contacted farmers along their route and asked to spend a night at the farm.  That’s how I found out about their trip.  Rodrigo wrote to me on email.  When I learned that WWOOF is one of the sponsors of the trip, I readily agreed.

bicyclists on the road
bicyclists on the road

The group is young – 8  college students joined a father and his 2 daughters for the journey. The father, Chris, owns a bike store called Wheel and Sprocket (which incidently is one of the sponsors) and he provides know-how for bike problems along the way. He appears to be riding a recumbent bike.

They offered to give a presentation about their adventures. I’m sure they have lots of stories to tell! So I decided to fill out the evening with farm tours and music.

Luke Winslow-King
Luke Winslow-King

Lucky for us, Luke Winslow-King will be in Michigan following his gig at DuneGrass in northern Michigan and before his next gig in Ann Arbor.  So we will be treated to the sweet melodies of this young singer/songwriter who accompanies himself on guitar.  Luke was born and raised in Cadillac, but has spent the last few years in New Orleans.

All of this is happening at Three Roods Farm on Tuesday, August 10th.  Farm tours are at 6m, the bicyclists will share their stories at 7pm and Luke will sing at 8pm.  The public is invited to this free program.

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