The welcoming tipi.
Fall Vegetables
Larch Lane
View from the south end.
No sun. No color. No warmth. No vember. 
And yet… at Three Roods Farm Greg and I are still very active outside – keeping the inner fires burning through good physical work.  The village of Columbiaville brings us leaves which we use to cover our garden beds. Just yesterday I hauled sheep bedding out of the barn and put it as a mulch under the crab apple trees, then covered that with leaves.  The result is that, come spring, the weeds will be suppressed and the tree will have better growth.    Schnitzle and I walk the land daily. I stop at the tipi for my personal purification work.  

  We still have vegetables, honey, chickens and eggs for sale. Vegetables including pie pumpkins, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, delicata squash, Swiss chard, parsnips, turnips and tomatillos will be available for a few more weeks.  Honey and chickens are available until they sell out.  The eggs are available all year round. 810-793-2511.

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