Winter arrives at 3RF

One week into winter. Wearing long johns every day. Many grey days. The sunny ones  make me happy. I go outside no matter what. I’ve learned that the only way to warm up is to spend active time outside.

After feeding the animals, I take Schnitzle on a trudge through the snow around the perimeter of our land.  He flushes a ring-neck pheasant out of the woods and chases it.  He has learned to come back and stay with me, stay on the property. I, in turn, have learned to make the walks longer.   I walk through the forest and sit on a bench at the far end of our property.  While I sit on this favorite spot, practicing yogic breathing, praying, breathing in the cool air, Schnitzle romps around his big play pen. 

The sheep are no longer on pasture, there being nothing to eat.  In the winter we feed the ewes grain and hay.  I may find Rani, the peahen, in with the sheep.  Or she may be in with the chickens.  She roams freely.  She has made her peace with all the farm animals.  Even Schnitzle does not bark at her or harrass her.  He does bark at the cats, though. Fuzzy and Wuzzy are never safe unless they are up a tree or he is locked in the barnyard.  The cats beg to come in the house several times/day.  We let them in for a short time and feed them milk and eggs. If I weren’t allergic to their dander we’d keep them in longer.  Even Greg spends more time in the house.  As any intern knows, Greg is rarely in the house unless he’s sleeping.  Winter is the time when Greg makes delicious chicken soups and lamb stews.  Here he is making a leek, potato and parsnip soup in a chicken broth. If nothing else, we eat well around here.

Wishing everyone a cheery winter with deep dark sleeps and long, sunny walks!

One thought on “Winter arrives at 3RF”

  1. How lovely to read about your walks in the sunshine and other delightful happenings at Three Roods Farm! I especially liked your wishes of “deep dark sleeps and long sunny walks.” It has inspired me to take a moment, be present, and take in the wonderful gifts of winter.
    Thank you for sharing!

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