May Farm Tour


Greg shows the garden


On Sunday, May 15th, from 2-5pm, Three Roods Farm welcomes the general public to tour the farm. Visitors will be able to see the raised beds and organic techniques used here.   

Raised beds ready for planting


 Three Roods Farm is unusual because vegetables and fruits are planted for beauty. Don’t expect to see one huge square with many rows of plants. Rather you’ll see many small and medium sized garden beds of various shapes surrounding the house and chicken coop.  

Sifting compost in the chicken yard.


 Rhubarb will be coming in and much of the garden will have been planted in preparation for the 2011 CSA season.  The sheep will be out on pasture and the chickens will be foraging for insects and weed seeds as always.  With any luck, the fruit trees and bushes will be blossoming. June berries and black currants are fruits not available in many locations, but every year these perennials are part of a 3RF share of the harvest.  Herbs such as chamomile, basil, mint and lavender are also included in a share.  There is plenty of parsley and cilantro, too.  

Basket of lavender


Lettuces and garlic are available during most of the 5 month season. New this year is a change in harvest day from Saturday to Thursday.  This will give members their vegetables in advance of the weekend and free up the weekend for the many activities we all enjoy during the precious warm weather.
   As an extra bonus, Lapeer native Karen Page will be on hand during the tour.  Karen just started a new venture called Back Track to Nature , an environmental adventure program for all ages. At the farm tour she’ll share her love for worm composting and catching rain in barrels.
    We look forward to meeting many of our neighbors on Sunday!

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