Green Smoothie

Robin in the garden.

 This is the time of year when the weeds grow fast and furious.  Why throw them all on the compost heap? At Three Roods Farm, we eat our weedies. 

    I learned about Green Smoothies from Victoria Boutenko, author of many books on raw food lifestyle.  Drinking green smoothies is a way to incorporate more fresh greens into your diet than you can possible eat. And, of course, fresh greens are full of many essential vitamins and minerals as well as plant protein.  There are savory smoothies and sweet smoothies.  I have not developed a taste for savories yet. But I love sweet smoothies.  Here is a general recipe I use which you can adjust to your taste.


     Robin’s Green Smoothie
2 cups water
2 ripe bananas
1-2 cups of ripe berries (strawberries, blueberries, black currants, etc.)
1 heaping tablespoon coconut oil
fresh or dried mint leaves
3-4 cups clean green leaves.
Mix everything together in a blender. A vita-mix blender is better for more mature or stringy leaves.
– When I find ripe bananas on sale, I buy lots of them. I peel and freeze them.  This makes the smoothie cooler on a hot day!
– Similarly, frozen berries can be used when fresh are unavailable.
– Common weeds are very tasty in a smoothie, including red root pigweed, lambs quarters, purslane, borage, and malva neglecta.
– Spinach, kale and chard thinnings are excellent in smoothies. 

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  1. Been working with Green Smoothies for over 20 years when we bought a 3600 Vita-mix. Vita-mix taught us from the beginning and we stuffed the blender ever since. We got off the newsgroups and finally closed all our web pages in 1995 because of the bad people on the newsgroups. We continued to experiment with green smoothies and finally decided wild green edibles preferred about 5 years ago trying both mainstream produce and wild produce. No adverse reactions yet so we will be dringing Super Green Smoothies for 20 more ( :
    We like to use frozen concentrate lemon teaspoons to taste to take the twang as we call it from dandelions and a few others. Peanut butter if we want to slow down the digestion.

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