Catching up on June


A is for asparagus. Here is the ‘A’ team, Aliya and Adam, 3RF June interns, placing chicken yard compost on our new bed of asparagus. Greg put in 120 asparagus crowns! Asparagus is a perennial and a spring favorite in Michigan. Greg prepared the bed for several years and it will be 3 years until they are ready to eat. But after that, the plants will produce for many years to come. Adam and Aliya both hail from Michigan. Adam worked previously at Song of the Morning Ranch and made us a fabulous kombucha tea which he learned there. Aliya just graduated MSU and will be off to Spain in the spring.
CSA members who were with us in the 90’s may remember with fondness the green gage plums we had in the chicken yard for several years. After those trees expired, Greg started mulberry trees.  This year the trees fruited. The fruit is big (for a mulberry) and very
 Once the tomatoes are planted they need to be trained to go up the cage. We visit the tomatoes every day or two to train the branches. This is a delicate job because once the branches start poking through the lower rungs, they can break if pulled incorrectly. We have 40 tomato plants including Roma, cherry and many slicing varieties.
Our first CSA harvest included garlic ‘scapes’. The scapes are the flowering end of the plant. We cut off the scapes so the bulb under the ground grows bigger. Aliya wanted to see what the bulbs look like. Here she is holding the garlic plant. Greg said it still needs a few more weeks.
Although the heavy rains in April and May slowed the planting season, they were good for the trees and bushes. We had the best Juneberry crop ever! These sweet berries are a CSA special because you will not find them at Krogers or Meijer.
Thanks to Aliya and Adam for their help. And special thanks to Aliya for the photos.  

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  1. Nice to hear a status report on the asparagus bed Dr. Greg and I worked on last summer! This summer I’m working at a new CSA in Holland called Eighth Day Farm. Working about 60 hours a week – wheeeew! Sometimes I miss the leisurely evenings at Three Roods…

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