Black Currant Jam

1 pt water
3 pounds sugar
2 pounds black currants
Remove all stems from fruit. Rinse under water.
Add sugar to 1 pt water and boil until it throws up big bubbles and is quite clear.
Add black currants.
Boil 20 minutes more.
Remove any scum that floats to top.
Pack into hot sterilized jars and seal.
No need for pectin or hot water bath.
Let stand for 24 hours before using.
Delicious on homemade bread with butter.
Add a spoonful to homemade olive oil/vinegar salad dressing.
Black Currant Ice
1 pint black currants
1/2 pound sugar
squeeze of fresh lemon
fresh cream
Boil currants with sugar as if making jam.
When the fruit is quite soft, pass through a sieve.
Add fresh lemon and beat in as much cream as you can spare.
Freeze and serve.
Easy and delicious.

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