July is flying by


bumble bee on lavender

Apparently all the rain came in the spring. We are experiencing drought conditions in the field, forcing us to irrigate all our crops.

The lavender has been harvested and other flowers are coming up quickly: eccinacea, yarrow, chamomile, sweet marjoram, golden glow, and sunflowers.

I love seeing my honeybees everywhere I go.  Anna Li, intern from Toronto, bravely assisted me checking them early in the month.  The good news: we have honey!  The bad news: I only have 1 hive this year.

many hands make light work.
Even you can be a beekeeper!

Michelle Cornelison, intern from Atlanta, helped build the raised beds, first digging then raking and adding compost and finally planting into them. She put in this row of cabbage.

Raised beds
With the hot weather we’ve been having, this is not a fun job. Before coming to Three Roods Farm, she worked at a garden supply store and developed a love of flower arranging.
Flowers in vases.
Michelle has a SLR camera capable of taking better than average photos. And she has an artist’s eye.  I like this one she took of the cubbies in the barn.
you might find what you need here.

 Something new at Three Roods Farm this year is a cooking class.  In previous years I gave lots of recipes and tips for preserving the harvest in our newsletter.  This year I am promoting my favorite cookbook, Simply in Season, which was given to me several years ago by Indiana intern Jenna Yoder who grew up amongst the people who wrote the book. It is spiral bound, easy to use and full of great ideas for home cooking. I love it!

 The cooking class, called Cookin’ with the Oldies, is every Thursday from 6:15 – 8:30. We’ve made Juneberry almond milk with a touch of lavender (shown in the photo), sorrel squares, spinach dip, sorrel rhubarb crisp, salad with Juneberry salad dressing, egg bread (challah) and black currant jam. Future classes will show how to make your own sprouts and yogurt and Greg will demonstrate how he makes chicken soup. Other topics to be announced.  Please call 810-793-2511 to find out what’s cookin’.

fresh bread and jam

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