Summer Farm Tour

The public is invited to a free farm tour on Saturday, July 16th from 10am-1pm.

This is the Columbiaville Days weekend, although the farm tour is not listed on the official program.

Three Roods Farm is not a typical farm. The vegetable gardens are planted all around the house, as well as in and around the chicken yard. The beds are rounded and there is something of beauty in all directions.

The 11 acre reforestation project, started in 1997,  has become an actual forest filled with larches, oaks, maples, pines and many more varieties.

Interns Michelle and Anna were delighted by the sight of a honeybee on the milkweed as they had their first walk through the forest.

The flock of Shetland sheep, led by matriarch Hagar the Horned Ewe, is content to graze grass throughout the day, taking breaks from time to time to rest and for the young lambs to play. They are skittish with strangers, but can be cajoled to come close with a handful of grain.

The morning dew provides sufficient moisture. They only require a bucket of water when no rain falls for a week or more. Their wool makes good strong yarn.

Three Roods Farm sells its vegetables only to those who have purchased a ‘share’ of the harvest. Please see other areas of this website for more information. Eggs and wool are available at this time.  

Our small orchard has 5 apple trees loaded with fruit and a peach tree producing for the 1st time. The chestnut trees are in bloom and look very exotic. The elderberries are flowering so I’m making lemonade, according to the recipe of Swedish intern Elin Svennson, to refresh visitors. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday


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