What’s the buzz?

The news is that a thriving colony of bees at Three Roods Farm is capping honey.  The honey is very precious. We extracted the first batch of honey recently. I am selling it for $6/pound. 

Dear CSA Members ~ It has felt like the SubSaharan Desert here, when it doesn’t feel like a rainforest in Kuching. Our intern from Atlanta says its been ‘just like Georgia”. We’re seriously considering putting her on the next plane, unless she removes the torpidly hot, humid atmosphere she brought with her.
Georgia Peach Michelle, Toronto intern Anna and Dr Greg share a joke while planting trees.
We are happy simply to be alive and well today with food, water and shelter, not to mention excellent friends. I am so humbled by the pure-hearted interns who continue to join us with the farm effort.  Greg and I wish each and every one the most wonderful life journey when they continue on from here, sharing what they’ve learned.  We maintain a grateful heart in all that happens.
Rani, our Queen
On that note, the harvest this week is black currants, swiss chard, carrots, garlic, basil, beets, peppers. Plus, a jar of honey! Your challenge is to figure out what do with it. On that note, we invite you to a Thursday night Cookin’ with the Oldies. This Thursday is the art of French Cooking at 6PM. You will be amazed to know we have the son of a French chef interning on the farm nowadays. His wife Emilie will make your heart melt and a third French woman, a Parisian no less, whose father is a correspondent for La Monde stationed in New York City will enlighten you with her wit and raspy voice. So, even if the food doesn’t come out perfectly, you will have enjoyed the experience of eating it. I have changed my policy about fees. We are all enjoying the connection over food, so there is no charge. A donation basket is cleverly hidden on the wall.
Peace be with you ~
Satchidananda Yantra

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