August is upon us.

Along with the zinnias came these lovely young flowers. Michelle Cornelison, on the far left, is staying for 2 months. Next to her is Angela, from Paris, who came for only a week but won every one’s heart instantly and will never be forgotten. By coincidence, Romain and Emilie, also from France, arrived the same day. They are touring North America in an RV for a year. Newlywed, they are on an extended honeymoon. Romain explained that at the factory where he is employed, a person can get an entire year off after working as little as 6 years. His company is holding his job for him. Emilie works at a perfume store and also expects to find her job waiting. They explained that the employer hires a substitute while they are gone. Although they are not paid while on vacation, how nice to have that kind of job security.

Greg got the party started with a digging project. The small pond near the black currant bushes has been expanded. The soil removed was used to create a new bed where dye plants will be grown. Phytolacca is already growing there. Its purple fruit is used for dying wool and fabric.

After the rain, the pond filled in. CSA members are harvesting black currants nearby. In past years, frogs and ducks have used this pond. By enlarging it, we hope to encourage our own animals to use it. Schnitzle often goes to the neighbors pond to drink or cool off on a hot day. We’re doing everything possible to keep him on our own property.

It was a great pleasure to welcome our youngest intern, Lily Wilkie-Jones. Lily is the granddaughter of our friends Peggy and Dale. Lily gave herself a birthday present: 10 days on Three Roods Farm. She did everything our other interns do: fed the chickens, weeded and harvested vegetables, helped prepare meals (loved the scones!) and clean up the kitchen. She took a special interest in the sheep. She spent several days wooing them – bringing them water and grain and sitting quietly – until she had them eating out of her hand.

We have 6 mother ewes and 11 lambs in our flock. It’s a spinners flock, meaning that we’re deliberately culling the flock so as to keep a wide variety of colors and hues. We’ll have 8 lambs for sale in November. Please see elsewhere on this website for prices on lamb rams and lamb ewes.

Cameron Healy recently joined us from Washington DC. His first project was helping Greg rework the garden beds near the high bush cranberry (which have grown so tall!).

He proved his worth immediately by discovering where Rani the Peahen had been sitting on her eggs. Soon the young peafowl escaped from the stall where Greg had been tending them so carefully for 2 months.

They are now roaming freely around the property and can be seen together nibbling on green leafy plants. Cameron says they were on the doorstep of the camper when he opened the door in the morning. He has a keen ear and is recording the sounds they make in response to Rani’s calls and other birds. More picture on the next web post!

Despite some crop failures due to weather extremes, the CSA continues and people seem happy with what Mother Nature provides: sweet corn, bush beans, pole beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, Swiss chard, parsley, basil, mint, lettuces, beets, carrots, garlic, cucumbers, crookneck squash, okra and Sunflowers!

2 thoughts on “August is upon us.”

  1. I can’t believe Rani had little ones! That’s so exciting! And ridiculously adorable. Everything looks beautiful – glad to see that Megan and Amanda are still helping out. 🙂 Miss you guys!!

    1. Actually, Rani did not have little ones. After she lost 2 husbands, we decided to try again with a young pair. Greg kept them in a barn stall for a couple of months, caring for them while they got used to the sites and sounds of the farm. Eventually, Rani found them and we heard her calling to them. The next thing we knew, they had escaped from their pen! But Rani continued to guide them and now all 3 of them roam freely on the farm. The young couple are always together.

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