Wrapping up the season

Its been a year of contrasts.  Long late rains in the spring which delayed planting up the fields, followed immediately by a hot, dry summer which shriveled the lettuce and cabbage before it could make any growth. The honey harvest was good. We had abundant apples, chestnuts and peaches, but few cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant.

We hosted the 2 oldest interns, Spring Goldeneagle and Anna Li as well as the youngest intern, Lily Wilkie-Jones and many others in between.  Thanks to all who blessed us with their willingness to lend a hand. Greg and I so much enjoy the exchange of energy and ideas.

Emily and Nate Brezinski joined Cameron, Michael Mallon and myself for an apple cider making extravaganza courtesy of my friends at Hilltop Barn.   This year we added crab apples to the mix which made it sweeter and thicker. So delicious!

According to the Jewish calendar, a New Year has begun. It’s 5772! I never did take down the tipi this year. Talked myself out of it. It only has a few wrinkles and there’s always a chance I’ll put it up worse.  Besides, I’m planning a tipi painting party in the spring.  We’ll take an entire week – take down the tipi, clean the canvas, condition the canvas with a mold resistant solution, and then paint it!  Hoping Persephone, Maggie, Monica, Cameron, and Kjartan can coordinate to come. All welcome.

Meanwhile, had a terrific visit with former intern David Rittenhouse. He stopped here with a friend on their way to Maine. David was here in 2009 and helped me put the tipi up the very first time.

 David and Adam helped me move the firewood to a new location and then brush hogged the old area.  I think Dave amazed himself that he remembered how to use the brush hog.  Big improvement. The Hebrew calendar wheel is now under a tarp til spring.



I’m celebrating the Sukkot holiday in the Tent of Meeting. Happy for all the occupation of cities going on, including Flint.  May the Almighty One spread the Sukkah of Peace across the nation, rather across the entire world! We should all have that much faith to live outdoors and know that our needs will be met.  To share with one another, to remember our ancestors, to create a simple life. To decrease our dependence on the government and the corporations who do not have our interests at heart.  To expect nothing and to be happy with all that we have been given.


The Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club, joined by some  members of our CSA, bravely walked all over the farm in cold, wet, windy weather searching for hidden fungi.  We found several edible varieties, but all were too old to eat.  Now that I know what to look for and where I might find them, I will be more proactive in the future. Everyone learned a lot about mushrooms and the potluck was delicious.

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