Winter 2012

Friends and former interns often ask me “How’s the farm?’ Winter is very quiet on the farm.  The familiar green shed

The rooster still crows in the morning, but with all the windows shut, I don’t usually hear him until I wake up on my own. The ringing in my ears grows louder in the silence.

Instead of walking once around the land, I walk 2 and 3 times using different pathways to stay warm and give Schnitzle time and variety to explore.  He is more active in the cold weather.  His warm coat of fur keeps him snug.

If it has snowed, I’ll go to the tipi and use a broom to sweep the snow off the canvas.  On dry, sunny days, I’ll gather kindling wood in the forest. If the weather is mild enough, I’ll start a fire inside the tipi and play tambourine, read psalms, take a nap.

Reading lots of books: Jack London’s Call of the Wild which I’m borrowing from Jeff Morrison, Dr Clarissa Pinkola-Estes Women Who Run with the Wolves for the 2nd time, and Judaism, A Wild Faith, by Rabbi Mike Comins to name a few. Am I feeling wolfish and wild? You decide.

Her coloring is more vivid against the snowy backdrop.

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