Intern Reunion

Kameron learns to use the rototiller to grind leaves. He does a great job!

I love the people who come help us with our farm work. Most often young and excited to help, they renew my dedication to stewarding this land.  Here are some photos from the last 10 days. Many thanks to Emily, Nate and Jake Breczinski, Aliya Bajhet, and Juliana Mitchell for returning to help. Rebekah Switala and Kameron Creager are our current interns.  Noah Lipham came as a special friend of Emily’s and fit right in.  Regretfully, I have no photos showing the special visit of Laughing Moon mid-week. Laughing Moon is the director of the SuperHero Training Academy!


Noah, Aliyah, and Emily in the reforestation area.




Noah and Emily removing invasive plants.










Greg shows Julianna how to use loppers for plant removal.










Noah helps Greg load the truck with leaves for tree mulching.











Emily and Rebekah help create a new garden.

The inspiration for this garden was a large pile of dirt we had excavated to put sand and then pea stone under the tipi.  Later I saw a lunar calendar garden at Kayam Farm near Baltimore based on Kabbalistic insights into the months .  Since I have been gathering women on the Rosh Chodesh, or New Moon every month, I wanted to create my own version of a calendar wheel.

Rocks gathered for the calendar garden.


Several friends brought rocks to contribute, but most of the rocks were brought from the Strawbale Studio, a free gift from my good friend Deanne Bednar.




Robin placing large stones around the garden.

We dug a trench and placed the stones. At times it felt like a jig-saw puzzle, looking for the rock with just the right shape to fit next in the circle.  The garden was covered all winter with a tarp to kill back the weeds.  It did the trick.



Emily and Julianna considering the correct stones.Emily and Julianna devoted much time and effort into this project.  When all the rocks were placed, we tapped them in with a small sledge hammer. Then they made a mixture of clay, straw and water and used this to fill in the gaps in the stones as well as around the front and back of the stones to hold them in place and create another barrier against weeds. 
Jake, Rebekah and Nate weeding in the main garden.
Dinner together.

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