Be a Lert

Greg built a compost heap in March!

Starting with a January that showered more rain than snow, its been a strange year so far. Which doesn’t mean its been a bad year.  Unpredictable is where its at.  The month of March was as hot as June used be, bringing fruit trees to blossom only to be killed by April frosts.  Which translates into no apples or peaches this year.  Fortunately last year was a bumper crop.  And, truth be told, the trees may benefit from a year of growth without bearing fruit.  They look healthy.


Many of us felt guilty for enjoying the hot sun in march because we knew it was a foreboding of difficulties to come.  And indeed the insects returned early and in full force only to find little to eat.  I fed my honeybees sugar water through mid-May to make up for the lack of fruit blossoms.  The slugfest on the strawberries is the worst I’ve seen.  Still we’re happy to have strawberries at all – we kept the row covered for a couple of weeks to insure their survival.


The first day of June was as cloudy and cold as October – only the lush green growth didn’t fit the picture.  Everything is speeded up this year.  We never had winter and spring came too soon.  Greg and I decided to start the CSA a week early – June 7th – and, thank God, we do have plenty of vegetables plus the strawberries.  The peas have set fruit and the lettuce is enjoying the rain.  Beautiful curly garlic scapes, rhubarb, sorrel and mint will fill out the first weeks share.


To survive in these times we must adapt.  We can expect nothing to be as it was.  Lighten up I tell myself, renewing my connection to 100% raw living foods.  Green smoothies made of lambs quarters, mint, strawberries, banana and coconut oil (with E-3 Live super blue green algae) are my daily drink.  Be alert, my daughter Esther Rose once said, because the world needs more Lerts.  And so it goes.

                                                                                                     Mumtaz is a Lert!


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