The Formless Farm

Only two weeks here and time has already faded away. That seems to happen when you fall in love. Before arriving to 3RF, dates and times, schedules and weeks, tomorrow and yesterday, I was thinking all about when the events in my life would happen. Sometimes waiting and remembering kept me from the present experience, right now, in each moment.

Sunrise From Intern Barn

It helps that the landscape here is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Immersed in nature, the birds and fireflies, the plants and trees, the sun and bees, I have found a balance in the perfection of nature‘s handiwork.

Ox-eye Dasiy

While reflecting on the feelings of pure nature I have begun to quiet my mind. More and more I am tuning my inner-being and body together with the rhythms of nature. Meditating in the magnificence of this place I feel balance and become calm like the silent sun. When my total self is in the present, I am able to perceive and learn more. I have only been here a couple of weeks and yet I have gained so much.


Greg is incredibly knowledgeable so I try to absorb everything I can. Just like the plants! (It has been so hot and dry here that the plants extend their roots to try and absorb all the water they can.) I have learned so much about organic farming that I can’t wait to one day have a permaculture farm of my own. Planting and harvesting your own food is very rewarding because you and the plants must work together. One of the greatest lessons that I have learned here at 3RF is that you can choose which seeds to plant. And those seeds that you choose to water are the ones that will grow. These seeds can represent any thought, feeling, or behavior.


Robin is full of goodness. She always helps to bring a positive atmosphere, especially after working on the farm all day. She is a refreshing brilliant light of peace. She has also given me so much and has been a catalyst to my spiritual growth.

Both Greg and Robin have been generous to take in interns and make us feel at home. They remind me of my own loving parents, and I am so grateful for their gift.

I will always remember my time at 3RF, and all of the amazing people that have come into my life. An intern named Rebekah (Rifkah)is a beautiful person who has taught me to see all sides of things. I look to her as big sister. She is a boss.

Marian, who is our lovely Kiwi neighbor intern over at Clark’s place, has been a great person to meet. And most recently Sophia Rose, a friendly herbalist, has joined us on the farm traveling all the way from Texas.  And I can’t forget about Schnitzel, who is recovering from a hurt paw, and cats George and Fuzzy.


Three Roods Farm has a special spot in my heart where I will always be reminded to be more present in each moment.  I have fallen in love with this place. I want Greg and Robin to know that this land is not what I fell in love with. Rather, it is the formless atmosphere that has been created by two awesome beings, as well as everyone that was here before me.

My spirit has been truly uplifted on this stop of my journey. Excited to see what comes next! Please comment, and keep me updated!


Ryan Abboud


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  1. Nice post Ryan. Congratulations on the interesting, new and apparently great experience! Can't wait to hear more about it.

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