The Old Willow Tree

Most of the trees at Three Roods Farm were planted by Greg, our family and the interns.  Some maples were started by the wind-blown seeds and some nut and oak trees were helped along by the squirrels.  But the big willow tree at the entrance to our farm was there before we were.  My father said it was his favorite tree. Here’s how it looked in October.DSCF2636This month a huge storm with terrible tornadoes hit the midwest.  We lost power for a few hours.  Some of our neighbors were without power for a couple of days.  The willow lost a huge limb.  Greg hired a fellow with a ‘cherry picker’ to come saw off the hanging branches, known as ‘widow makers’.  Here’s what the tree looks like now.

DSCF2645The feller made several piles of logs under the tree.

DSCF2646Greg cut some of it up for tipi firewood. DSCF2649He chopped some into smaller pieces.DSCF2652Willow wood is light and will burn quickly.  But this is how we make the best of our misfortune. DSCF2650I wheeled the wood over to our new wood shed and tucked it away under the tarp.  Note the new rain barrel painted by dear friend Karen Page.  Greg happened to have a perfect size gutter piece in the barn amongst countless odd bits of junk he’s collected through the years. Now I need to figure out how to affix the gutter to the roof of the wood shed so as to harvest the rain water next spring. DSCF2654



One thought on “The Old Willow Tree”

  1. Hi Robin!
    I may not have your exact words, but some years back you mentioned the concept of winter holding the opportunities for “long winter walks and deep dark sleeps.” I still think of your words. They help me to be more in tuned with nature and enjoy the introspection, peace and rest that the winter season offers. I also share your words with others when I am able.
    Many thanks~
    Warmly, Shawn

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