May Showers

April showers brought May showers to Michigan. It’s been hard to find May flowers in the soggy mess outside. May is 2/3 over and we’ve had only a handful of warm sunny days.  According to Greg we’ve had 12 rainy days for a total of 4.3 inches. To understand the impact, an average month of rainfall is 2.5 inches. A typical Michigan month has less than 3 inches of rain.  Years ago, Greg and his brother laid pipe underground from 2 directions to drain into a low spot. That was a smart move because it became this pond and is often full from all the rain.DSCF3038

Trying to stay true to my name, (“cheer-up” says the robin), I share with you some hopeful photos of strawberry flowers, apple tree flowers, dandelions amid the asparagus, and the flowering red bud tree, DSCF3039 DSCF3020 DSCF3022 DSCF3023 DSCF3021DSCF3025With a new crop of interns, we’re aerating the raised beds, planting out the cabbage and lettuce plugs.  stalking the peas, and weeding the blackberry bushes. You can see shallots and garlic growing tall.


DSCF3041 DSCF3040 DSCF3027 DSCF3045 DSCF3046 DSCF3050 DSCF3048May peace prevail on earth!


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