June is Gone too Soon!

In Michigan, we expect lilacs to bloom in May, but nowadays there is no normal, nothing to expect, only to be present with what is.  Everything is a week or two later than we had expected. We are so grateful that anything blooms and grows at all! May showers finally gave way to June flowers and vegetables. 14499480684_3f41af3756_b

DSCF3064A new crop of interns appeared.

14499478414_e516a09827Seedlings were planted out.

14499476214_77aa491412The chicks grew and changed. Easier to tell them apart.

14497400241_00b1662975_mTrees were planted. This poplar was planted in the Picnic Grove.

photo 4Lettuce grew and was harvested with the first CSA share on June 12th.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Strawberries ripened and are given to the CSA members every week until gone.

photo 4Interns came for a Reunion weekend. With Dr Greg’s careful instructions, they created and planted a new black currant grove.

DSCF3112The next day, Gigi and Dr Greg mulched the plants with straw.

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