2015 CSA Season Sign Up Begins!

DSCF3450Snow is no deterrent when it comes to dreams.  In winter we dream, we plan, we order seeds and tools, and we keep faith that spring will come again. We invite you to dream along with us. We are seeking those with the desire to eat fresh, local organic food in harmony with the seasons.

This year we will be able to harvest asparagus in large enough quantity to share with our members. This perennial comes in May, which is preseason, so we invite all members to tour the farm and share lunch and fellowship on Saturday May 30th at which time the asparagus will be distributed. Those who can’t make the event can make other arrangements to get their share.

The season will run from June 11th until October 22nd.  Price for a full share is $700, half-share $350. Those with the time and interest to help every few weeks get a discounted price: full share $650, half-share $325. A check made out to Robin Mallor and sent to Three Roods Farm/4281 Our Acres Drive/Columbiaville 48421 will reserve your share.  See the Subscription Garden page for more details.

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