Summer on the Farm

My daughter Sophia wrote a song about life on the farm called ‘Room for Two’.  One of the lines is “there’s always too much sun, never enough rain”. That line went through my head the past few weeks. We finally got 2 and a half inches a few days ago, refilling our water catchments and our hearts. Below is the empty catchment near the greenhouse. We use water from this  to water the plants in and around the greenhouse.IMG_1275We had to resort to using the village water, which is thankfully available via a hose.

We had a bumper harvest of French Breakfast Radishes. These are red, white and juicy. Our CSA received radishes 4 times and I still had plenty to bring to Vermont for Sophia’s wedding.  Farmers give radishes as party favors, don’t ya know? IMG_1292IMG_1294Karen Page, pictured above, comes every Monday and works with me for 3 hours in exchange for her share of the harvest.  She is the new Executive Director of the Lapeer Land Conservancy and the resident land steward of the Tibbits Nature Sanctuary.  Karen always has a rock in her pocket. She has boundless curiosity about the natural world. Here she contemplates a balanced rock composition.IMG_1297BIG NEWS: As much as we have loved our farm these past 21 years, Greg and I are ready for our next adventure.  The farm is for sale to anyone with the capacity to take it to the next level – and some money in his/her pocket. To see the specs, check out MLS#:216055332


IMG_1279IMG_1278IMG_1277IMG_1284“Where’s there’s room for one, you know there’s room for two, and ya know wherever I am, baby, I’ll make a place for you”

(To hear Sophia and The Second String Band:

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