Gandhi’s Birthday Peace Fest

Gandhi’s Birthday Peace Fest
 SATURDAY.                     OCTOBER  7th.                            2-6 pm

Gandhi’s Birthday Peace Festival at Three Roods Farm 

Mohandas Gandhi was a peace activist who led India to freedom with non-violent civil disobedience. He championed the disenfranchised and worked to keep the country unified as well as peaceful. His birthday is a national holiday in India as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is in the USA. It falls on Monday, October 2nd. Our Peace Festival will be the following Saturday, October 7th from 2-6pm. All ages are welcome.

Would you like to know more about the man who used water fasting to bring attention to the important issues of his day? The man who encouraged us to ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’? The man who developed a concept called Satyagraha – Truthforce – to motivate people to use their inner strength to overcome oppressive rulers without resorting to violence? You will have this opportunity on October 7th! On that day Gandhi will be amongst us as portrayed by Don McAvinchey. Don is an unusual Gandhi. As a tall, white-skinned man with blue eyes, it must be the balding head and round glasses or maybe its the dhoti and walking stick that give him a Gandhian air. Don certainly is a deep listener with a calm demeanor. He returned to Michigan this summer after being in New Mexico the past 16 years. By profession, Don is a family therapist, specializing in Narrative therapy. He will address the Three Roods Farm audience as Gandhi around 4pm.

Between 2 and 4pm, peace dances will be offered. Robin has been involved with the Dances of Universal Peace for many years. Her friend and co-dance leader, Sister Mary Fran, IHM,  will share simple dances that remind us of our human unity. Each dance has a melody and a phrase that all can learn. Old hands join with young ones in the circle.  These spiritual folk dances come from a wide range of traditions. They ground us in our bodies while elevating our minds. 

Also between 2 and 4pm, there will be activities for the superheroes amongst us. Michael Francis Mallon, aka Laughing Moon, has a passion for breaking through the impossible. He founded the Superhero Training Academy (STA) in Detroit.  He is a skillful leader, creatively encouraging joy, fortitude, compassion and wisdom.  Three Roods Farm has partnered with Michael and the STA for many years. In the summer of 2012, 20 superheroes camped out at 3RF preparing for an epic bike ride. When they were ready, they costumed up and rode off searching for people and situations where they could be of service. It was awesome! Robin served on the board of directors. Greg is working with Michael to design a living playscape on the land next to the STA educational building.

















For those who want to learn more about trees, Dr Greg will be on hand to answer questions and show the 3RF orchard and arboretum. He recently tallied up the number of woody plant varieties growing here and came up with 95! That is varieties, mind you. The number of trees he’s planted and nurtured exceeds several thousand. Farm interns who stay long enough always learn to plant a tree because it is the single most effective antidote to global warming anyone can perform. Dr Greg is a master composter and will gladly explain his compost system. Michael dubbed him Mulching Peacock. Dr Greg is my superhero, for sure.



No event is complete without food. I invited Swaroop and Sumi Bhojani to bring their Nutri-licious snacks. The Bhojanis have devoted their lives to creating the most tasty and nutritious foods possible. Swaroop was a research scientist who when he developed the super foods of Hut-k Chaats. He and his wife own and operate Hut-k, the name being an expression meaning ‘out-of-the-mainstream’. The Ann Arbor restaurant, uses locally sourced organically grown produce and Indian spices to get a product not available anywhere else. We are fortunate that the Bhojanis are coming all the way to Columbiaville to be with that afternoon. They will offer several items from their menu – Whole Bowl, Mango Lassi, Samosa and Power of 7 – all reasonably priced.


There is no charge for this event. A donation box will be available in the barn. Parking space is limited. Carpool if possible or consider parking in the village and walking to the farm. Thank you. Peace and blessings ~ ~