Gandhi Day Peace Fest Report

The Peace Fest began in the barn with Don McAvinchey dressed as Mohandas Gandhi addressing the group. 

While he was speaking, Dr Doom arrived and things became strange.  Soon, the Queen of Fury and her assistant kidnapped him! The assembled group had to search for clues at the behest of Dr Doom. They used mirrors to see better because the clues were hidden within themselves. Eventually they were ready to search for the Mahatma.

Superheroes kept showing up. Spontaneous Combustion, Joyful Weaver, Stone Hagg and Tinkerbell came. Sister Mary Fran led everyone in a peace dance to unite them. ‘Fill your cup, drink it up, Ya Allah Allah. The fish in the water’s not thirsty.’They reached the area where the Queen of Fury held Gandhi ji in jail.  Dr Doom gave everyone clay and suggested we create a representation of something blocking us from doing our peace work. It might help us transform ourselves to be the change we wish to see in the world. Even the Queen of Fury started to transform herself through this project.
Here are some of the people working on their clay representations.People spoke up and revealed the things that block them from their peace work. Gandhi ji himself said he feels lazy sometimes and wishes he could sleep all day rather than do the important work he was called to do. Dr Doom mad efforts to correct his faults, too. People felt happy and were ready for another peace dance. They danced to the words “Spirit of Peace, To your cause we give our strength, That love may reign and war may cease, Mir Miru Mir” a prayer for Peace on Earth.

Then Robin introduced Swaroop Bhojani founder of Hut-k Chaats of Ann Arbor. Swaroop ji told the story that led him from diabetes to good health, from a job in a cancer research lab to creating what he calls ‘Nutrilicious food’ to prevent cancer. Everyone lined up to taste the Mango Lassi, Power of Seven, Samosas and Whole Bowl which Swaroop brought. Dr Doom still had a hold of Michael.The event ended with an assembly in the Poplar Grove to recap and hear about peace work others are doing. Don told us that he has played Gandhi more than 100 times and would say ‘yes’ to any invitation. He shared about his work as a family therapist and his new office in Davison. He recently relocated here from New Mexico.

Doug Reith explained the concept of gerrymandering and brought petitions to sign which will make this a ballot issue in the next election if enough signatures are collected.

Robin invited everyone to come Sunday mornings at 11am to Satsang at the farm. At a satsang, she explained, people inspire and bless each other with spiritual wisdom in the form of stories and songs from the great saints and sages. She invited them to come back for satsang the next day or any other Sunday.


As night fell, many had to leave. A few stayed behind for a fire and songs.Michael was completely restored. 

The next morning, a satsang was held in the Poplar Grove. 

Peace be with you.

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  1. Thanks for hosting a lovely event and I was so grateful to be a part of it! Wish we were able to stay for the fire. Especially like the photo of Gandhi with the light of the fire cast upon him. <3

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