Marching Forward into 2018 with Joy and Parsnips

Parsnips are a crop that can remain in the ground all winter. As soon as the frost comes out of the soil, parsnips can be harvested. Parsnips are a favorite in chicken soup. They can be cooked and mashed with butter, salt and pepper as an alternative to potatoes or rice or bread.


Would you like to join our 2018 CSA? Three Roods Farm will serve 18 members this year. The cost is $500/24 weeks. When you pay, you will get a bag of parsnips as a thank you.


Some people don’t know the term CSA. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is local farmers serving their communities. Families reserve a share of the harvest by paying in advance. Everything grown is divided weekly by the number of members so that everyone gets a share. Herbs and perennials are included in the share. May brings rhubarb, sorrel, chives, mint and asparagus. As spring crops including radishes, lettuce and peas mature, they are included in the share. When they fade, the summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and herbs come in. Lastly the autumn crops ripen, making heavy bags of storable squash, apples and potatoes. Many other fruits and vegetables will be grown. See the Subscription Garden page for more details.  It is an adventure of eating with the seasons.


Eggs are available as an extra.  Our chickens are very healthy and a colorful addition to the farm.  Jackie Delisi will continue to bake and make her organic breads available to 3RF customers on Thursday pick-up days. Stew chickens  will be available in the fall. Other farm products, like soaps and teas, will be developed by farm apprentice Sky Brown. Stay tuned for details.


We look forward to serving you.

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