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Looking back at this blog, I see I have been posting since 2009. Season after season, familiar scenes with changes visible mainly to the eyes of those who live here, come round and round. Not wanting to bore you or myself with the same old views of farm and veggies, I searched for a new perspective on the land and its inhabitants. Here’s what I found.When we started our farm in 1995, members of our CSA gifted us with their cats George and Gracie. They thought their cats would be happier out in the country with us. And indeed, after a week of adjustment, George and Gracie lived with us for more than a decade in peace and harmony. Fuzzy has been with us since their departure. She’s very affectionate and sometimes follows me on walks. On a recent walk through our 10 acre woodlot, she took a rest on this large rock where Mother Mary holds her baby. Which makes me wonder whether the other statuary at Three Roods Farm has been noticed. I purchased the first one for my dear husband’s birthday many moons ago. I knew he wanted St Francis of Assisi. That day, I was scheduled to work at the hospital. But when I arrived, I found the unit double booked for an RN so I took the day off. On my way home I stopped at a roadside shop and found St Francis. Greg knew where to put him. Recently, Greg decided we needed this one. It is St Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes.  I thought it was Moses because of his beard and because he carries a book. But I was puzzled by the knot above his head. That turns out to be a tongue of fire, signifying the presence of the Holy Spirit. Because St Jude holds a large bat, Greg figured he should stand near the entrance to our home and barns. 

Another change at the farm is the presence of an inquisitive 2-year-old named Avi. Avi can walk farther in one day than many 10 year olds. He loves going off path and checking things out. High grass, biting insects and uneven terrain don’t stop him. He’s fascinated by how things work and has a special fondness for cars. He’s a little imp with a big smile and a friendly disposition. I enjoy showing him the edible weeds.

3 thoughts on “So What’s New?”

  1. It was so nice to hear from you Robin. I think of you from time to time + hope that all is going well for you this year. I love the pictures + stories. The little guy is adorable. I’m sure you’re enjoying him! <3

    1. Great to hear from you, Kim. I think of you, too, coming to pick up your share bag the past two years. God bless you and your family,
      especially all those grandchildren.

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