It’s Time to Say Farewell

After 25 years, Three Roods Farm has reached its end. The farm is being sold to a couple who have wanted such a place and will keep its legacy alive in their own way.

Greg and I look forward to reflecting on all we have learned as we retire to a small nest: a 2-bedroom apartment in a condominium in South Burlington, Vermont. It is very close to where our daughter Sophia lives with her growing family.

The climate in Vermont is much like Michigan. Imagine Michigan with mountains, fewer people and no billboards. Vermont banned billboards in 1969. It does enhances the natural beauty.

Burlington is where Bernie Sanders first took the political pulpit as mayor. It has 2 large food self-sustaining member owned co-ops, lots of brewpubs and Lake Champlain. But don’t let your car idle while you wait for a friend. You will get a ticket for polluting the environment!

So thanks, Columbiaville, for being so welcoming and tolerant. It’s been fun to try our hand at farming and rural living. I’ve enjoyed countless walks and bike rides in your clean air. Raising poultry, eating fresh strawberries, learning new plants and what to do with them – it’s been fun! We really felt like we’d ‘made it’ when we had peacocks for several years. Too bad the beautiful blue male left us to join the wild turkeys. His grief-stricken Mumtaz walked onto the main road and got herself killed. My Fuzzygirl will remain on the land with the new owners, along with the chickens and ducks.

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  1. Hello. I’m local and was wondering where you source your organic poultry feed? I have been looking for a mill or farm that has organic feed someplace in the area (50 miles)
    Thank you!

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