Welcome to Three Roods Farm


Three Roods Farm (3RF) is a 23-acre family farm lovingly managed by Robin Mallor and Gregory Kruszewski. We decided to go into farming because we believe that personal health is best maintained by eating fresh vegetables and fruits, that a healthy society is best encouraged by a cooperative relationship between the producer and consumer, and that organic farming can help restore the earth to health. Three Roods Farm has grown to include a Subscription Garden, several farm products for sale, and hands-on learning opportunities for apprentices. Tree seedlings will be available in the spring of 2018.

Care of the Earth


Care of the earth entails nurturing the soil food web by recycling all plant and animal wastes. It protects the life of the soil from harm caused by mineral salt fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. It fosters ecosystem stability by encouraging plant, animal and insect diversity.
We are committed to the organic way of producing food. Greg makes all our own compost. We designed our farm according to the permaculture model developed by Bill Mollison as applied to our own climate and conditions.


Careful hands.

Careful hands.

We started with a subscription garden, but our activities have multiplied over the years. Bees for pollination and livestock for nutrient cycling were added. Out of concern for global warming, we began the reforestation of 11 acres of old pasture. We grow a variety of trees and shrubs from seed. We cooperate with the Village of Columbiaville Department of Public Works to recycle the autumn leaves from the village. This provides us with abundant organic material for mulch and compost, while reducing air pollution from burning and conserving space in landfills.

We feel that we have been blessed, and we want to share those blessings with you.