Three Roods Farm

Robin Mallor & Greg Kruszewski

4281 Our Acres Drive

Columbiaville, MI 48421


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  1. Congratulations on the fulfillment of teaching yoga at Three Roods. It will change the energy and attract the best of all that you are offering. Many blessings.

    1. Thank you, Chaitanya! I only wish that you were nearby so I could take your yoga class. I still do the vinyasa flow I learned from you when you guest-taught a class in Lapeer many years ago.

  2. Hi~ I’ve been searching for a nice family farm producing chemical free/GMO free fruits and veggies and it appears you do that! Could you tell me a little about your farm and what one might find it a half share; that is if you have any shares left. We are in Otter Lake so location is perfect.

  3. Hello Robin. My husband and I would like to purchase a half share of seasonal produce and participate in the harvesting. We live in Clinton Township (about 60 miles)and wonder whether it is possible to harvest every two weeks or do you prefer weekly pick-ups? Thanks.

    1. Looking into joining a CSA and I love the fact that you have organic produce and seem like a great family! 🙂 What would I expect to find in a half share, that is, if you have any left. Thank you!

      1. Hi Ashley ~ thanks for writing. We have a few half shares left. A half share has everything that a full share has – only less. In the spring, asparagus, strawberries, lettuce, peas, radishes, sorrel. In the summer, squash, peppers, tomatoes, corn, lettuce, green beans, herbs, kale, chard. In the fall, cabbage, lettuce, parsnips, rutabaga, potatoes, squash, pumpkins, garlic. This is a partial list. You can find a full list of what we plant on Please write to me at or call 810-793-2511 to be included for this year.

    1. Thanks for coming to visit us. Here is a place where you belong. You can say you are one of the three roods!

  4. Are you selling the farm? I just saw an ad in Mother Earth news. We are moving to Michigan from florida and looking for farm property.

    1. Yes we are. Kindly call my husband Gregory at 810-895-1744 as soon as possible because we have gotten 2 offers already this week.

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