061The joy of farming is in the relationship cultivated with the natural world. At Three Roods Farm, we practice a blend of agricultural philosophies. We have been influenced by permaculture, biodynamic technique and the populist farmer Charles Walters of Acres USA. 3RF is an integrated farmstead with a number of opportunities for learning by doing. Organic gardening, poultry care and reforestation are actively practiced. Apprentices are welcome to come and learn from us in a beautiful natural setting. Apprenticeships/Internships can be  from a week to a month to a season. Our preference is for one or two people to stay with us the entire season, but we will consider anyone who feels attracted to come here for any length of time.

We are looking for hardworking, enthusiastic individuals. Apprentices contribute approximately 30 hours a week to the farm effort. In exchange, you eat in our home and we provide shelter for you on our land. Interns enjoy the solitude and contemplative opportunities available here and on an adjacent 120 acre nature sanctuary called the Land Stewardship Center. We have had many wonderful apprentices over the years. Some of them came to us from the wwoof network. Although we are not fluent in any other language, we welcome visitors from abroad.
     Interns are encouraged to come to Three Roods Farm and learn the art of homestead farming.  Although Robin is no longer keeping bees (please see related article on Robin’s Desk) she knows beekeepers who will share their knowledge, skill and love for the bees with our apprentices.  Beekeeping isn’t full time work.  Interns can spend a portion of a day, or 1 day per week with a local beekeeper and still be an integral part of the farm effort here.

Our Acres

Columbiaville, founded in 1837, is a short walk from the farm. Columbiaville has a library, post office, gas station and convenience store. Curley’s Lakeside Grill provides small town feeling and dining. Subway is available, too.  Southern Links Trailway, part of the rails-to-trails movement, links Columbiaville to Otter Lake and Millington via a smooth trail which is great for biking.  Make sure to visit Inspired on Water Street, a sweet gift shop. The nearest city is Lapeer and it also the county seat. It can be reached in 15 minutes by car or an hour by bike.




DSCF2374 DSCF2388From planting the seeds to eating the freshly picked vegetables to composting the remains or feeding them to the livestock, there is a feeling of relationship. If not for me, the peppers would not be tended. Looked at another way, if I am not here, what is the purpose of the peppers? Similarly with the livestock, they depend on the farmer for their sustenance and quality of life. Domesticated farm animals would not survive long in the wild. Their purpose seems to be to nourish and sustain the farm family.Digital Camera

In the play of nature and the change of seasons can be found many worthy objects of contemplation. The rigors of farming keep the body fit even as the mind searches for patterns and deeper meanings. There is always plenty to do and much to think about.
DSCF2270 DSCF2237

Apprentices try their hands at all aspects of 3RF life, from weeding the subscription garden, to feeding the poultry, to reforestation projects in the back meadows. They prepare meals, too!


We welcome you to experience farming firsthand. We have furnished the upstairs of our barn for several persons. We also have a small camper for 1 intern.  We will teach you all we can as we work together.

DSCF3191the barn July 2015


Robin, a retired RN, practices and teaches Integral Yoga and the Dances of Universal Peace. She hosts a women’s new moon circle every month in the tipi.  Greg has practiced homeopathic medicine for 30 years. He is a landscape artist, a creative cook and a voracious reader. He loves telling stories and jokes.  They have four children and eight grandchildren.


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