In addition to managing Three Roods Farm, Greg practices homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a medical philosophy that treats people who are ill as whole persons and uses non-toxic preparations of plants and minerals as medicines.  Homeopathy can treat most common problems of the immune system, endocrine system and nervous system. It is helpful during pregnancy and lactation because the medicines are non-toxic. Children respond well to this form of medicine which has no pills to swallow or painful injections. Homeopathic medicines dissolve in the mouth. Dr Greg treats chronic and acute diseases. He tries to be available for emergencies and is willing to make house calls, but remember that the farm work has him outside getting dirty some of the time and his family needs him, too.

Dr. Greg, as he is affectionately known, graduated from the College of the Virgin Islands with an Associate of Arts in Nursing, and has been licensed to practice as a registered nurse in Michigan since 1975. His search for a safer and more effective medicine led him to study homeopathy at Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital in New Delhi, India. After earning a D.H.M.S. in 1982, he returned to his home town of Detroit to begin his practice. In 1993, Dr. Greg and family moved out of the city to start Three Roods Farm. As a young man, Greg worked six seasons at the Detroit Zoo and developed a keen love of animals there.  He learned much about nutrition and diet from life in India as well as the Weston Price Foundation.  He is a member of Michigan for Vaccine Choice.


You can make an appointment to see Dr. Greg at his office in Romeo, Michigan by calling 586.752.7241.  He is there Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 6pm. The office is at 122 South Rawles in Suite 114. He sees some patients in his home office at the farm on other days. Call our home phone 810.793.2511 to see Dr Greg in Columbiaville. The initial case history takes two hours and the fee is $150. Follow-up visits and phone calls are $75.   The homeopathic medicines are dispensed to you at no extra charge.

Greg Kruszewski is a Certified Classical Homeopath, and is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy and the North American Society of Homeopaths.  Contact Dr Greg:  gregory.kruszewski@gmail.com.


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  1. I’m 66 and have variety of ailments. I’m bi-polar, anxiety issues, diabetic, and have the tremors. I’ve been going to a psychiatrist for 5 years and have not made much progress. I don’t know a lot about Homeopathic medicine but is has to be better than the AMA. Do I sound like a candidate for an appointment ? I am currently taking 14 different prescriptions.

    1. Most insurance companies do not reimburse for Dr.Greg’s care. This is unfortunate in that people continue to go to doctors covered by their insurance even when they are not getting any benefit. However, if you send Dr Greg’s bill for service to your insurance company, along with a letter explaining why you think homeopathy should be covered, you may be able to turn the tide. If insurance companies realized how cost effective homeopathy is, they would see it is to their advantage to cover it.

  2. I’m looking for a homeopathic practitioner for my dogs, very hard to find in Michigan. My dogs are raised on a raw diet, no vaccines or toxic flea and tick meds. I use homeopathic remedies, herbs, oils and nutrition. Do you see pet patients ?

    1. Thanks for writing. Dr Greg doesn’t generally treat pets. He recommends continuing to treat the dogs yourself. There are books available on homeopathic dog care.

  3. I had a life changing event take place in my family on August 2, 2014. My son was in a Diving accident and broke his neck. In the acute phase of the accident several of my family members suggested I contact Dr Gregg. Being in the acute phase of the trauma I was unable too. My family made the contacts with Dr and I did finally communicate with the Dr briefly. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful person out there to speak too about many concerns. I have meant to contact Dr Greg and time run’s short for me most day’s, feel like I am in a Tornado still, so I just wanted to Thank Dr Greg for the support he has given to me and my family. My son is on the road to recovery and has made some giant steps in the right direction. Staying Positve and moving forward every day, Thanks much Dr., Paula

    1. Thanks so much for writing, Dr Paula! Testimonials are always welcome. Dr Greg does such good work, he often doesn’t hear from his patients for years.

  4. My Dad was told about Dr Greg by the hair stylist at Suncrest, where my Mom is a resident. I love Homeopathy and am interested in consulting with Dr Greg.
    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2006, and have dealt with it over the years in many ways, some allopathic, tho mostly natural. Does Dr Greg treat Lyme and co infections? I also have adrenal fatigue that seems to be my biggest problem……fatigue!

    Has Dr Greg studied the Banjeri Method of homeopathy? I find it interesting and have heard it helps very well. Tho most practitioners are awfully expensive for some reason.

    Thanks!! Karen G

    1. I forwarded your letter to Dr Greg. If you need to get in touch with him, call him at his office in Romeo 586-752-7241. Thanks!

  5. Dr. Greg, how wonderful to find there is a homeopathy doctor almost in my backyard.. I have over the years tried the services of other alternative doctors with no success…all they want to do is prescribe their supplements and charge a huge amount for these and for their office call and there is no getting better.. I see that your prices here are very very reasonable and this makes it easier for people to use this method without putting a burden on their families.. I am a 67 year old lady, who has always weighed in the low 90’s , I am 5’4″ tall..I have been this way all my life, I got my weight up to 108 lbs two years ago.. I now weigh 163 lbs and feel like crap..I have been told by family doctor that I am hypothyroid.

    1. Hi Jackie. Thanks for the kind words for Dr Greg. If you would like an appointment with him, best to call his number in Romeo 586-752-7241. Even if you’d like to see him in Columbiaville. He’s at the Romeo number on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  6. Dr Greg,
    Do you have remedies that work well for Diabetes Type 1, Asthma, Anxiety, Herniated Disks in Neck, PTSD, Sleep Apnea and Insomnia? Menopause hot flashes and exhaustion?

    1. Hi Catherine ~
      Yes, Dr Greg is able to treat all ailments with homeopathy. Please call his office and make an appointment. 586-762-7241

    1. Hi Breanna ~ I don’t know what HSA stands for but I assume its some kind of insurance. Dr Greg accepts insurance, but insurance doesn’t accept him. If you want reimbursement from your insurance provider, you can submit the bill to them. Homeopathy is very cost effective. If you submit your bill to your insurance companies it shows them how you prefer to spend your health care dollar. Eventually homeopathy may become reimbursable just as chiropractic is now.

  7. I have fibromyalgia and now rheumatoid arthritis that is progressing very rapidly. Since they are both autoimmune diseases, I would like to know if Dr Greg has had success treating the immune system. Then I will call his office for an appointment.

    1. Yes, Ruby, Dr Greg has had much success treating the immune system. In fact, that is exactly how homeopathy works. The correct homeopathic medication stimulates the immune system so that it works more effectively. Dr Greg has over 30 years of experience and many cases of immune deficiency under his belt.

  8. I was recently diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea. Are you familiar with this? I’ve had thr horrific rash for about 4 weeks and can’t seem to get rid of it.

    1. thanks for you inquiry. dr Greg no longer practices homeopathy. He is referring clients to Veronica Wolf Hester at 810-287-6889.

  9. Sorry to hear that we are losing our foremost homeopathic doctor. There is a time for every season. Thanks you, Dr. Greg for caring and making so many of us well.

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