Subscription Garden

2018 Season Begins

We are ready to sign up members for the 2018 season.  Shares cost $500 for 24 weeks.  We sell a limited number of shares.  Reserve your share with a deposit of at least half the cost. Call first to make sure we are not full: (810)793-2511. The balance is due by the first harvest. The harvest begins when the asparagus is ready in mid-May.  Make checks out to Robin Mallor. Send or bring to Three Roods Farm/4281 Our Acres Drive/Columbiaville  48421.


Our Marketing Plan

happy faceWe sell our organic vegetables and fruits according to a marketing model called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA. In the CSA model, you buy an annual share of our production, rather than make retail purchases for single items. Paying in advance gives us our budget and our production goals for the coming season. It also guarantees that all our produce is sold. In return, we provide you with a continuous supply of seasonal vegetables and fruits, harvested at their peak of ripeness, and grown in a manner respectful of both the consumer and the earth.


How Does the Subscription Garden Work?

DSCF2368  Beginning  mid-May, we harvest on Thursday mornings from 9AM to Noon. This year a share is $500. Members pick up their shares any time after noon on Thursday. Since we do not deliver, we connect subscribers who live near each other so they can bring the share bags back for each other. That way, everyone doesn’t need to come to the farm each week. This is especially appreciated by our members who live a far distance from the farm. It builds community. Members who live nearby may pick up their own share bags each week. We will have a drop off point in northwest Detroit this year. Pick-up in Romeo at Dr Greg’s office on Fridays is another option.

Those interested in becoming CSA members should contact Robin and place a deposit as soon as possible.


What Will I Get in My Share?

garlic   3RF encourages the tradition of eating with the seasons. The following list is not complete, but gives you an idea of what we grow: Spring – spinach, asparagus, radishes, peas, lettuce, green onions, sorrel, rhubarb, strawberries, and garlic scapes. Summer – tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, green beans, summer squash, garlic, sweet corn, beets, blackberries and raspberries. Fall – broccoli, cabbage, turnips, kale, chard, leeks, potatoes, lettuce, daikon radish, parsnips, pumpkin, winter squash and apples. Herbs like dill, coriander, basil, chives, parsley and peppermint are part of the share. garden view   When an item is available and how much goes into a share depends on the growing conditions in the field at the time. On average, you can expect 5 to 10 pounds of produce weekly, from mid-May to late October. Early season bags are lighter than late season bags.  Here’s a photo of early July share bags with flowers and herbs as well as vegetables.DSC_0010 



12 thoughts on “Subscription Garden”

  1. I live here in Mount Morris, Mi.
    I just came across thee “sorta”
    in Twitter. I’m in need of Bulk Raw Honey.
    I like thee Idea of CSA & would luv to join it also.
    I thank thee for all~jimm

    1. Hi Jimm ~ I have 3 active colonies of bees, but they didn’t leave much honey for this year. So I have none to sell. You would be most welcome to join the CSA next year. You can sign up for that at any time.

  2. Hello mi’lady & mi’lord:
    I would like Raw Honey for now.
    Trying to get ahold of my Brigggs relation,
    im Burt, Taymouth Twp., Saginaw Co..
    Much luv & light to thee and your’s~jimm

  3. Hi! Are shares still available? I know it’s late, but just thought I’d check. If so, how much for a full share? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Kim ~ The season is half over and all shares have been purchased. Next year shares will be $450 for 24 weeks. Please contact me again in the winter for next year.

    1. Hi Yvette ~ When I saw your email address, i knew it was a typo. It’s funny though. Gotta laugh!
      To answer your question, we have already begun the season. This weekend.Dr Greg made a gigantic compost pile making use of chicken coop bedding and other farm wastes. We will be receiving our spring chicks on Tuesday. Lettuce seeds have been started under light. Are you interested in joining the CSA this year? I will be writing a post as soon as we have all the details worked out.
      Dr Greg is teaching a homeopathy class in Romeo on Monday nights. He is always ready to start a class if someone gets 10 students together and provides the venue.
      We are hosting satsang every Sunday at 11am. These gatherings helps us realize our essential unity and inspire us to goodness and service. You are welcome to come with your family and friends. Call me on the home phone for more info. 810-793-2511.

  4. My last name is not rapist it is Daoust and crazy that auto correct on my phone did that and I did not look before sending that is dreadful

  5. ??I’m so happy to have found your farm’s website! In a roundabout way I discovered it off the MSU Agracultural website. The set up sounds great, however I’m located in and around NE Wayne County. I’ve spent some time in Lapeer and have a friend in Metamorea. I’m thinking I could work something out.? Does this sound crazy? I look forward to your reply.? Blessings~*~~ ^j^ ~~**~~ ^j^ ~~**✌?️???

    1. Yeah, it does sound a bit crazy. It’s one thing to think about driving here. It’s another thing to actually do it every week for 24 weeks. The farther away one lives from Columbiaville, the more tiresome the drive. Our most consistent members live or work in and around Columbiaville. I suggest you try to find a CSA closer to you. Good luck!

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