April Comes with a Flurry of Activity

It’s spring at Three Roods Farm. 

We’re eating lettuce and spinach out of our greenhouse.
The microgreen trays are established: radish, peas, fenugreek and sunflower shoots are seen below.

A huge compost heap was built. Two older heaps are seen behind the new one.

The garlic is up greening in the sun. The baby chicks arrived.

The Muscovy ducks are scavenging in the barnyard. The females are laying egg clutches. 

Intern Robert O’Neill arrived. He’s also a wrestling coach for Lapeer HS.

Sky and David Brown of Kibbutz Detropia arrived with son Avi and dog Stitch. 

Peas, fava beans, lettuce, spinach and radishes were planted. 

The barn is tidied up.

Rivka Switala, visiting former intern, weeded inside and around the sorrel bed.

First event of the season: Tree Stewardship on Earth Day Volunteer weekend April 21st-22nd!   Saturday 9am-1pm Plant Trees. Volunteers welcome. Have lunch with us 1-3pm. More tree planting from 3-7pm. Dinner and bonfire to follow. Stay for all or part of the day. Spend the night in your tent in our HipCamp area or stay at the William Peters Mansion B&B in the village of Columbiaville. Sunday 11a-1p satsang (truth gathering) and lunch at the farm. Afternoon 2-6pm tree planting at the Lapeer Land Conservancy Tibbits Nature Sanctuary. Come for all or part of the day. Show some love for your Mother! learn from tree expert, Dr Greg, how to plant a tree that will last. sapling trees are available for sale after the event. 

May Peace Prevail on Earth