Three Roods Farm Goes Solar!

After years of wanting to go solar but unable to afford the large upfront expenditure, things finally changed in our favor. Greg and I had been interviewing solar companies for years, always wanting to sign up, but unable to afford the large upfront capital necessary. Finally, public demand has opened up the market and now average earners like us can afford this improvement. We met a rep from PowerHome last January and learned that one can now purchase solar as one would buy a car; with monthly installments. Plus there are income tax incentives and the company threw in several free energy-saving bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Bill McKibben, founder of, speaks about the importance of renewable energy not only to mitigate climate change, but for creating jobs.  I saw this with my own eyes. An interracial, intergenerational, multi-skilled crew put up the solar installation in 2 days. I was impressed at how well they worked together and answered whatever questions we had. They didn’t leave until the job was done. They stayed overtime to give us the 3 bonuses: a wrap for our hot water heater, a Nest thermostat, and extra insulation in the attic.

The 30 panel installation was placed in the field, rather than on the roof, so that the optimum angle for capturing the maximum solar radiation is obtained.  Here’s how it looked in August. 

So far, so good.